Analyzing Sheila Mant's Poem

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At the end of the story, the narrorator chooses the girl, but ends up regretting it. I too can connect with the regret he feels. He had a tough decision between the girl and the fish. The boy chooses Sheila Mant because he cannot resist her beauty. He describes how amazing the moonlight looks shining on her skin. It was all just too much for him. After he cuts the fishing line, the night did not go as perfect as he thought. his memories were “foggy” and unclear. Instead of riding back in the canoe, Sheila goes home with Eric Caswell. To make the night even worse, before she leaves she says to the boy “You’re a funny kid, you know that?” (Wetherell 8) Letting the bass go still haunts him long after that summer. I can connect to this feeling

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