Ancient Rome's Legacy

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Many parts of today 's society have been affected by the legacy of Rome. More importantly, today 's laws and philosophies have been influenced by Ancient Rome. Roman law, citizenship, and philosophies has affected the way we live today. "Rome fell but its legacy lived on.", this quote is true in many ways. The way that Rome has inspired modern day things such as architecture, art, law, and much more can be grouped underneath its legacy. A legacy is something that you are remembered for, something that inspires others to follow in your footsteps. I believe that the Roman Legacy that has had the greatest impact on modern times is ancient Roman law and philosophies. Today we still use Rome 's principals of law, citizenship, and philosophies.…show more content…
Another part of Roman legacy that has been passed down is philosophies. Rome 's philosophies have been taught to use, many people also live their life under a philosophy that Rome embraced and spread around the known world. The greatest Roman philosophy that originated from Greece and was modified by Rome was Stoicism. Stoicism is still used around the world today. We learn it in kindergarten, ever since we where born. Stoicism is a basic fundamental of life. The Stoics believe that "...the one truly good thing in life was to have a good character. This meant having virtues such as self-control and courage."(History Alive Textbook) In Roman times, people that suffered and took pain quietly were called Stoics. We often call these kinds of people Stoics today also. The strongest Roman philosophy from Rome is Christianity. Although Christianity didn 't originate from Rome, they adopted it and helped it grow. "...Constantine made Christianity the state religion: stating there was 'No distinction between realm of Caesar and the realm of God. ' Under Constantine, pagan temples were confiscated, their treasuries were used to build churches and support clergy, and laws were adjusted for Christian ethics."(Ponticelli,J. "_The_Split_Of_The_Empire" Class Reading, Oct. 6,2015). Due to Rome, Christianity was able to grow and expand into the religion it is today. About 32 percent of people in the world follow…show more content…
As you can clearly see, the legacy of Roman Law will live on. The law, citizenship, and philosophies all made Roman Law superior. The laws of Rome have been incorporated into today 's law. Citizenship has been used to address citizenship rights, and unite all people under a common law. The philosophies have taught us how to live, Romans also spread Christianity, a religion about 32 percent of the worlds population follows this. Without laws, where would we be? Order, and chaos would rule. Thanks to Roman Law, we have a stable government and we live well. Roman Law has had the biggest impact on our
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