Andrew Jackson Hero

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One of our presidents defied the Supreme Court, murdered people, and destroyed thousands of lives. This could only be one person in U.S. history, Andrew Jackson. He did many horrible things during his life, some were barbaric and were unprecedented for his time. He forced thousands of Native Americans from their homelands during the Trail of Tears. He had many traits that made him that made him do many bad things. One of the dreadful things that happened in U.S. history was because of Andrew Jackson. It is none other than the Trail of Tears. The Supreme Court didn’t want it to happen but Jackson defied them and did it anyway. He forced 20,000 Native Americans out of their homelands at gunpoint even though they were living in for years. Everyone was forced out, the sick, the old and the young. The trail they took was 1,200 miles long. About 25% of all the people died on the hard grueling trip. The Trail of Tears was a monstrous thing happened at the hand of Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s personality and beliefs would make him do some…show more content…
He stuck to his morals for good or bad. They say he was a man of action and got things done. However, they are wrong because Jackson was truly a monster for many reasons. But sometimes his personality and morals made him non negotiable. He was an Old Hickory and was short tempered which led to some conflicts. Sometimes action is not always the best way to handle something. He made the Trail of Tears because of the action he took. Therefore, Andrew Jackson was a monstrous president even if others think he is a hero. To conclude, Andrew Jackson did many things unprecedented and was a considered a barbarian. His personality and beliefs helped make awful decisions. Jackson committed a crime that ruined thousands of lives, the Trail of Tears. Andrew Jackson was one of the most barbaric presidents who killed, ruined lives and defied many
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