Andy Is The Tiger Analysis

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Andy faced multiple challenges in tears of a tiger but the most obvious one is the lost of his best friend Rob. He struggled with telling people how he was feeling about the accident and only opened up to very little people. I think that tears of a tiger is a great title for this book because I think it shows what Andy is like. The title is “Tears of a Tiger.” In the story Andy Is the tiger. Monty is the only character in the book compares Andy to a tiger he says “well I drew a picture last week st school and the teacher wanted to know why I put tears on a tigers. I told her he was very sad, like you get sometimes.” Monty in a way is telling Andy that it is ok to be sad and that there is no shame in being upset. Also in this part Andy teaches Monty something that if you want to be creative and try something new that you should go on and try it. I believe that you can learn and be taught by someone in this part of the book it shows that you can learn and be taught by someone younger or big.…show more content…
Instead of roaming the jungle, hiding from three-piece loincloths, they are put in concrete cages with bars of Steel. Even in modern zoos, where it looks like the tiger ought to be happy, because they were given 15 or 20 feet of real grass, if you look really hard, you can see tiny electrical wires. The tiger, who might think he's equal to all those tigers in the jungle that his mama told him about, is quickly reminded to stay in his place.he soon learns that he'll never get out of there.” I think that this shows that Andy is a tiger who would look for things to get back to normal so he could blend in again with his “stripes” but he constantly feels like something is out to get him or everyone is watching him. And when he is alone by Himself he is trapped by his inner thoughts of the accident with Rob and everything else going on in his
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