Angkor's Disappearance

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Angkor is an ancient civilization made up of many temples and religious monuments, which centuries ago was populated with the ancient people, Khmers (a member of an aboriginal people of Cambodia). The reason for this paper is to write about how Angkor was abandoned for centuries.

Angkor was a large kingdom with many temples, some being more popular than others. Angkor, and all of the different temples within the kingdom are located in the forests of Cambodia. One the largest and more famous temples being Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious temples ever built, and was dedicated to the god Vishnu. Then there is more temples that aren 't as well known like Ta Prohm, built by king Jayavarman vii in 1186 and was dedicated to honour his mother. Although the individual temples purposes are known Angkor, as a whole, has
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After all of the people had left Angkor, the kingdom was not lost. Khmers still knew of Angkor 's existence, and is believed that many people still came and worshipped at the temples and altars after the kingdom was no longer populated. Although Khmers, and some locals knew of Angkor, it was not kept well and was left in the forests for 429 years (1431-1860). Through the years of Angkor 's disappearance it is also thought to have been known by locals, fishermen and hunters, but just not known by the rest of the world, and not on a map.

Angkor was put on the map in 1860, by Henri Mouhot. Henri was going on a series of trips in which he was going to find new zoological specimens. Through his journey of trying to find specimens, he came across Angkor. Henri recorded three weeks worth of drawings and observations of Angkor and told everyone once he had come back from his botanical expedition. Although Henri Mouhot was credited with the rediscovery of Angkor, he did not in fact rediscover Angkor but had put it on the map, because Angkor was already known by some people and had a few hunters and fishers sleeping in the

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