Animal Farm Essay

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Branden McCormick
June 21. 2014
Honors English 2
Mr. Modugno

Animal Farm

a. Napoleon- After the Rebellion of Manor Farm, Napoleon becomes the leader of the new Animal Farm. He creates a bond with the “comrades” and before long, brainwashes them into thinking everything he does is correct and for the common good. But in reality, he is only making decisions on what will benefit him or not. One of these is his guard dogs, which go everywhere with him. In the end, he is just as good of a leader to the other animals as Mr. Jones was. b. Boxer- The strongest animal on the farm. He is a cart-horse, and he does most of the heavy lifting for any project. Including the building of the windmill. Towards the end of the book, when Boxer …show more content…

After the rebellion, Snowball takes over leadership, however, he is not familiar with all the responsibilities of running a farm. He is successful in running the harvest and all is well after. The animals are happy, except one, Napoleon, Napoleon wants to rule Animal Farm, and soon he orders his nine guard dogs to chase Snowball off the farm. He claims that Snowball was working with Mr. Jones in secret and was doing what Mr. Jones was doing when he ruled. This is the first time he lies to the animals and deceives them into believing he made the right choice. Napoleon is smart and sly, he opens the farm up to business with neighboring farms, run by people. He changes all the original rules to benefit him and the other pigs. He begins to act more as a tyrant than a leader. He executes animals that admit to work with Mr. Jones. He changed that rule to benefit himself too, the new rule, no animal shall execute another animal, without reason. He tricks the other animals that that was always the original rule. In the end, the animals catch Napoleon with other farmers, talking to them, they hear him say that Animal Farm is no longer called Animal Farm, but it is now the original name, Manor Farm. Which shows that Napoleon is really doing the work of a human being. Him and the other pigs prove to be deceiving the other animals for their own …show more content…

He liked the pool so much that he told stories to Pi’s parents and they decided to name their child after this pool. Pi is the narrator of the story, and his stories about his trip on the sea consumes most of the story. Pi is very interested in the characteristics of people and animals as well as their actions.
Richard Parker- The Bengal tiger that accompanies Pi on his journey at sea. The reason for his human-like name is because his original owner, Richard Parker, named him thirsty, but the sales clerk accidentally reversed their names. Richard lived for the most part at the Pondicherry Zoo, Pi’s father’s zoo. He weighed around 450 pounds and was about nine feet long. Pi is the only person whom he respects as more dominant than himself.
Francis Adirubasamy- Francis taught Pi how to swim and was the reason he was named such an unusual name. Francis tells the author Pi’s life story when he runs into him by chance at a coffee shop. He arranges a meeting for the author and Pi so he can get a first person account of Pi’s stories and

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