Summary Of Pi Hero's Journey

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Pi’s hero’s journey begins with his ordinary life in Pondicherry, India. His father owns a zoo and he loves to help out and examine all the animals. Pi is very religious, therefore; he prays on his prayer rug almost every day. Pi was called to adventure when his family told him one day that they were moving to Canada. “We’ll sail like Columbus” (111). Pi’s father said this in relation because the Patel’s, themselves, were about to sail across the ocean. They will be traveling on the Tsimtsum across the Pacific Ocean. Pi was not exhilarated when he heard this from his dad. He refused this call because he was agitated that he was getting ready leave everything behind in India, in fear that; he was vacating the zoo and also he was leaving …show more content…

Pi’s mentor on the journey was a God. He exercised three religions at once. These religions include Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. “We are all born without religion, until some figure introduces us to God” (58). Pi navigated the threshold when the ship he was traveling on, Tsimtsum, sank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. “The boat sank” (121). Pi was the only human to sustain the sinking of the Tsimtsum. Several animals did survive the crash, for example; the animals included a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a tiger. Pi was certainly tested by these animals. The tiger and the hyena were definitely the biggest threats on the boat. Pi allied with Richard Parker, the tiger, towards the cusp of the story because he said that Richard Parker was the only reason he stayed alive. “Truly, I do. I love you, Richard Parker. I don’t think I would make it. No, I wouldn’t. I would die of hopelessness. Don’t give up, Richard Parker, don’t give up. I will get you to land, I promise, I promise!” (298). This quote from the book really shows Pi’s great love for Richard Parker. Pi’s other great test he had was finding food and …show more content…

Pi also made the tiger seasick by angling the boat to rock sideways with the waves. Pi’s used an approach for finding food and water too, in other words; he overcame this obstruction by discovering the needed supplies on the boat. For water Pi used the solar stills and for food Pi fished and he consumed barnacles off the bottom of his boat.
Pi’s quest was mostly comprised of taking care of Richard Parker. Subsisting on the Pacific ocean for 227 days took a toll on Pi. “I survived 227 days. That’s how long my trial lasted, over 7 months” (239). Constantly, he tried finding new ways to keep him alive, hence; he tried eating little barnacles or crabs to even make an attempt to train a 450-pound Bengal tiger. Through all of these struggles Pi was awarded after a while. Pi reached the floating island which he could eat all the vegetation he desired, and thus; Pi repossessed the strength he had lost after all the duration on the boat.
Pi’s road back was the trip from the buoyant island all the way to the beach of Mexico. When they reach Mexico and sadly the tiger just leaves Pi without saying goodbye. Pi’s resurrection included his affliction for all the days lost at sea. Pi returned from his journey with abundant knowledge of the sea. Also, Pi could tell stupendous chronicles from his experience at

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