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Yann Martel 's, Life of Pi, shows the many miracles of god by giving Pi many relations to him during the 227 days that he is lost at sea and still giving him the happy ending that he receives. The book makes many references to a couple different religions. Christianity being one the religions mentioned. When mentioned it is noticeable that Pi had relations to Jesus and Christianity before, during, and even after his time at sea. Some of these relations helped him survive and keep going all that time. God and Jesus Christ are capable of the most miraculous things, Pi Patel is one of the many people that was able to experience these miracles.
Pi relates to Jesus in only a few ways before the shipwreck. One of these relations is that when Jesus was at the age of 14 he was separated from his parents just like Pi was after the ship sank (Christianity). This is interesting because of how Pi was separated from and lost his mother was a big part of the book. It was mentioned multiple times as “the worst thing that can happen to anyone” (Martel). This is just one of the many things that Jesus and Pi both suffered through. Another relation between Pi and Jesus is that their iconic stories were both written down. Jesus had disciples that wrote down …show more content…

Pi and Jesus had many relations as well as the stories about both of them. These relations and Pi’s strong belief in christianity are a main reason he survived. Not only were there all the relations listed above, but there are even more facts to prove this. One is that Christians believe that if you are a follower of christ you will be lead to salvation just like jesus was after his suffering (Carnagie). Pi believed in Christ so he was promised salvation and he got that salvation. Another thing is that christians believe that Jesus new life after death is a sign of everlasting life for his followers (Christianity). Pi was a strong believer in Christ and Christianity which lead him to surviving what most wouldn 't believe

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