Anne Boleyn Case Study

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The legacy and fall of Anne Boleyn During her relationship with Henry VIII 1527-1536

Outline plan
The relevant theme of this research topic is the life and influence of Anne Boleyn in England during her relationship and marriage with Henry VIII. I will focus on the impact she had on King Henry VIII causing the break from the Roman Catholic Church, to the creation of the Church of England, and how their relationship went from deep love to deep hatred. Anne 's relations with Henry were most relevant from 1527 to her execution in 1536.
Anne Boleyn’s influence on Henry VIII has had a drastic effect on life today in aspects such as religion; she was definitely the most infamous of all Henry VIII 's wives.
To gain further knowledge I have set out specific aims to guide my research. Which are?
(a) Why was Anne one of the most remembered of all of Henry VIII 's wives?
(b) How did Anne Boleyn have such a great influence on Henry to break away from the Roman Catholic Church? What were the consequences?
(c) Why did Henry VIII 's love for Anne turn to deep hatred?
(D) She did not have a son, but gave England one of the greatest rulers of its time, Elizabeth I.
To gather my sources I will go to the local libraries and my school library. Secondly, I will ask other history teachers in my school if they may appoint me where to look for the best sources, gather help and information. I will also do an advanced Google search on the internet to look for relevant articles or
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