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“A woman of haughty and fierce carriage, of a nimble wit and active spirit, and a very voluble tongue, more bold than a man” (“People & Ideas: Anne Hutchinson”). This statement is a description of Anne Hutchinson, an outspoken individual from the seventeenth century. Born in England, Anne Hutchison was the daughter of a minister and became well-versed in the Bible. At a young age, she gained important wisdom from others, which she let influence the rest of her life. Regardless of not having an education, Anne became a very bright and opinionated woman. She became a religious leader in Boston, Massachusetts, and influenced many people around her. Moreover, Anne proposed many religious ideas and challenged the views of the people, but her claims brought along conflict which ended in dire punishment for Anne. Inspirations from her …show more content…

She stirred up conflict within the Massachusetts Bay Colony, resulting in disturbed leaders and even multiple court cases. Moreover, Anne’s claims threatened to tear the Colony apart, the men did not like a woman to have this kind of power among the people. According to an article on Anne Hutchinson, “The real issue was her defiance of gender roles—particularly that she presumed authority over men in her preaching” (“Anne Hutchinson”). Anne’s biggest problem was not her religious beliefs, but the fact the she defied authority and gender roles. Nevertheless, Anne’s beliefs eventually got her in so much trouble that the people banished her from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They took Anne to court and tried her for heresy, she escaped their arguments the first time, but the next day Anne changed her claim and the people banished her from the Massachusetts Bay Colony (“People & Ideas: Anne Hutchinson”). Even though Anne was a smart woman with strong religious views, those views came with conflict and turned the people against

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