Anne Frank's Play Compared To Night

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Anne Frank Play Compared to Night The Play version of The Diary of Anne Frank Tells the story of Anne Frank's life when Her and her family had to go in hiding from the Holocaust. In this play Anne Frank keeps a diary that tells the life they had to live during the Holocaust being a Jewish family living in an annex. There is a novella called Night that tells the story of a Jewish teen boy during the Holocaust that is in a concentration camp with his father until they get liberated. I connected this novella to the play about Anne Frank. The characters in Night and the play of the diary of Anne Frank have a lot of similarities, but They also have some differences. The Anne and Elie have a strong relationship with their father throughout the …show more content…

In both sources the characters were Jewish people during the Holocaust. Hitler was trying to collect all the Jewish people and kill them or make them work to death. In the play Anne Frank and her family went into hiding trying to avoid the whole Holocaust. In the novella Night Elie was taken from his home with all his family and sent into a concentration camp. In Anne Frank's life and Elie Wiesel's life were very different conflicts during their time of struggle. The Play of Anne Frank's diary had only a limited amount of characters that were actually in the play Night had very many of them. In Night there was always people around him because they had no choice if they wanted to live. They had to be around others to do the work that they were making them do. Since the play had only one setting it could not have had many people and it did not have many people compared to Night. In night it might not have been many main characters but there were many more characters in Night. Although the play of The Diary of Anne Frank and the novella Night had many similarities there were a lot of differences too. I believe that there were far more differences than there were

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