Anne Viii's Influence On Henry Queen

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She remained happily in France up until 1521 when France went at war with England and Anne returned to England. There she became a lady-in-waiting for Henry VIII’s wife and the current queen of England, Catherine of Aragon. Anne’s sister, Mary, had previously been one of Henry’s mistresses ,as well as a handmaid for Catherine, which is what some historians believed contributed to his fascination with Anne. There are many historical texts that describe Anne’s appearance and make it clear that she was not loved for her beauty. She was portrayed as having two major flaws which only contributed to her already present unattractiveness; a large mole on her neck and a sixth finger. Besides these factors, many people still stated that she was average…show more content…
This did not go unnoticed by Anne, and she strived to reinstate her power, but to no avail. Her allies were slowly dwindling, and even Henry began to see their marriage as unholy. After Catherine 's death, he sought out to rid himself of Anne as well. while he could have taken several approaches, he instead chose to destroy her image in a way that would also call for her execution. With the help of some of his advisors, Henry successfully accused Anne of a large variety offenses, the largest being adultery and witchcraft. Many recognized that these accusations held no truth, but Anne held so little influence that there was no way for her to defend…show more content…
Instead of rejoicing as he had done in the past, he instead wore all black for nearly a year and he didn’t marry again for another two. It was the longest span of time Henry would ever go between wives. She was buried in the tomb Henry had ordered to be built for his own burial, and she would later be the only wife to be laid to rest with him. Jane never truly lost the title of queen, as even when Henry married his three other wives, she continued to be painted in royal family portraits as the mother of the future king, a name that she would never be shaken
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