Anthem For Doomed Youth Poem Analysis

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The number of military and civilian casualties in World War One was over thirty seven million,over sixteen million deaths and twenty million wounded. Many soldiers were not themselves after this incident. The terrifying scenes a soldier experiences on the front will probably follow him throughout his life, if he manages to survive the war . The two poems are both written by war poets from the First World war.‘Attack’ written by Siegfried Sassoon. ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ written by Wilfred Owen. In both poems, the poet has described life in the World War One but at different stages of war. ‘Attack’ is a poem that revels the realness and harshness of war while on the other hand ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ revels the horror of war and how unfortunate it is to die in war. For the structure of ‘Attack’, the first six lines describes the vile landscape and the next six lines describes the soldiers as they go over the top. The poet draws a very clear picture of the scene and creates atmosphere while the tension builds up then shows the destruction of war. But each line paints a different picture in mind. Sassoon starts it by describing the setting then describes the battlefield. The poem makes use of imagery to get across the futility of the war. Unlike “Attack”, the structure of “Anthem for Doomed Youth”,It shows that it’s split into two clear sections. The first section is more about how awful war is and makes a catalogue of the sound of war, the weapons of destruction such

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