Anti-Federalists Vs Anti Federalism

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To a major extent, the political ideology of the Jeffersonian Republican party resembled that of the Anti-Federalists in the debates that occurred during the ratification of the US Constitution. Anti-Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republican party favored the people more than the elites that the Federalists and Hamiltonian Federalists party favored. The main ideology in the Anti Federalists and Jeffersonian party were to have the power and say in government be more in the people’s hands rather than having it to select few elites. The Anti-Federalists and the Jeffersonian party believed in preserving individual liberties, which can be shown during the ratification of the constitution and how the Bill of Rights made it into the constitution. Anti-Federalists and Jeffersonians both believed in strict interpretation of the constitution. The parties wanted the government to have a weak executive, so that the Judiciary branch was stronger. Most of the parties members are very similar in the fact that they all come from very similar backgrounds. The Anti-Federalist party during the ratification of the US Constitution would ultimately evolve into the Jeffersonian Republican party. Many of the Anti-Federalists views and ideas would carry over to this new party. Most ideologies in the Anti-Federalist party show many similarities to the Jeffersonian Republican party. Upon receiving his copy of the new constitution, Jefferson was upset that there was no presence of a Bill of
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