Anti Vaccines Persuasive Essay

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Do antivaxers have a leg to stand on? "But it gives kids autism!" But it could save their lives! Vaccines, usualy in the form of a jag, can provide acquired immunity to potentialy debilitating or fatal diseases and infections. Not all of these jags are always 100% effective however, like wearing a helmet on a bike, they can provide life saving protection yet for some reason some parents are fighting against them. This may not seem like a large problem however with the election of the new President of the United States openly supporting anti-vaxers and the decreasing trust in medical profesionals and anything that is 'un-natural' it is becoming an impending danger. In America, most schools require a selection of Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus …show more content…

This is probably the most valid argument and possibly the only point made that made me consider my view, however with research and looking at all facts, not only the ones supporting my view, it is true. Vaccines do contain dangerous chemicals, and, just like almost everything else, it can kill you, but to do so requires a certain amount and at low enough levels they are entirely safe, and the levels in vaccines are extremely low and excessively tested. Chemicals are everywhere, everything you eat, drink see and are is made of chemicals and many of these chemicals can be considered toxic. The most 'feared' chemicals in vaccines are formaldehyde, thimerosal and aluminum. Formaldehyde is found in so many diffenent foods such as apples, carrots, cow’s milk, cod, soft drinks and instant coffee, and often in much higher doses than in a vaccine. Thimerosal is largley feared for containing mercury hower how chemicals behave depends on what other chemicals they are bound to and the highly toxic mercury is in the form of methyl mercury/ thimerosal is ethyl mercury, which is not toxic unless its in extremely high doses. And Breast milk contains more aluminum than

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