Ap Psychology Chapter 7 Analysis

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I personally enjoyed every chapter that we have learned to date. If I had to pick my favorites, I would choose chapter seven and thirteen. I found these the most interesting because I enjoy learning about the brain itself, how memory works, and the disorders that occur. I find that the brain is the most unique aspect of the human body. Each brain holds millions of memories and ideas that are special to each person, and I find that beautiful. Professionally, chapter seven would benefit me the most for my major. I plan on going into physical therapy to help children and adults after injuries and those who need help getting back to normal. The chapter deals with how memory works and for my job, this can be beneficial when a patient has a concussion or brain trauma. …show more content…

Also, the I learned about forgetting, because I tend to be forgetful and it was interesting to find the reasons why we forget. To answer why we are forgetful; we are sometimes unable to retrieve a memory which causes us to forget. When we forget, memories are stored in our short-term memory area. Chapter thirteen is such an interesting chapter, but the branch of physical therapy I want to partake in, does not involve mental disorders. I feel that I could not handle the insanity and the problems that other people face on a daily basis. What I learned from chapter thirteen was that anyone can have a mental illness and not be aware of it just yet. Certain events like wrecks, war, and death can trigger an illness and become a threat, which I did not know could happen. I figured that someone with a mental illness was simply born with the

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