Psy/201 Week 4 Assignment Psychology

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4.1 “just do it”. I spend majority of my time just thinking about how I am going to get the assignment done. By the time I start the assignment it feels like I been working on it forever, when in reality I just started. When am given an assignment I need to work on it as soon as I find free time.
“to eat an elephant, first cut it into same pieces”. This is something I need to learn how to do. I am a procrastinator. Trying to tackle a 50point assignment overnight is the key to failure. When I divide my workload into pieces that when I get the best results.
4.2 I would say the student is primarily responsible because she shouldn’t have wait until last minutes. Especially since she knows her processor was strict. For future references I would tell her to make sure she haves her assignment completely done and print out a day before …show more content…

psychology would be my most challenging. All though it my favorite subject it’s not an easy class. I have a really hard time with the terms used in psychology. I got a D on my first text which was very depressing, but now I know what to expect and I now know what kind of notes I should be taking. My goal is to get a B in that class and I am very confident I can achieve that.
3. I think I should be able to handle the workload this semester well. It’s pretty much what I was expecting when I decide to attend college.
4. My work schedule is something that I need to adjust in order to succeed this semester. I work long hours and 6 days out the week. I have asked to be part time so my schedule should be changing any time soon.
4.4 reflection
1. the workload is what I expected. What I wasn’t expecting was the amount of time I would need to set aside a week to study.
2. psychology is the class that demand the most amount of time out side of the class. I been able to complete all the homework outside of class, now I need to find the best way to study for the tests.
3. cutting my work schedule would be the only way I would have more time to

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