The First Two Chapters Of A Psychology Textbook

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I always find the first two chapters in any textbook to be the most interesting chapters. They are introduction chapters to the rest of the book. I found these chapters to be quite helpful when studying for other psychology course. Biopsychology is a field that works with both the makeup of a human being, their biology, and human behavior. Honestly, I have not heard of such a field until I started this course and the first chapter added on to that excitement when I found out that there were many divisions of Biopsychology as well. While studying chapter one, I noticed that research is being evaluated all around our different environments. Research is pure and it can also be applied. At home, at work, or at school pure research is motivated by curiosity of the researcher doing the study. Pure research usually has an end goal of acquiring general knowledge ( ). For example, pure research can be simply looking up a cooking recipe because a person wants to know how something is made, or it can be searching through the television because a person wants to know what shows are playing at that moment. Applied research has the intent to bring about some benefit to humans as a whole ( ). For example, at my job when a supervisor does research as to how they can improve the workplace environment, that is …show more content…

Division that included physiological psychology, psychopharmacology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology, cognitive neuroscience and comparative psychology. Learning about the divisions gave me a greater understanding for which field of psychology I would like to work in. Personally, I would like to stick with neuropsychology. I am always intrigued as to how psychological effects of brain damage plays a part in a person’s life. I would like to help study those effects and maybe find ways to help prevent further brain damage from traumatic situations in human

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