Ap World History Dialectical Journal Answers

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Journal #1. Page 19- “Since beer was a gift from the gods, it was also the logical thing to present as a religious offering.” Response - Beer was used in ceremonies such as religious, agricultural, funerals, etc. The religious meaning of beer has a longer timeline than the Sumerians and the Egyptians. This drink was one of the starting points where a fare was offered to a god since it was believed to be a gift from the gods. If it was not have thought so, then religious ceremonies would be different because there would be no offerings nor sacrifices. For instance, the religious practice that the Greeks, Aztecs, Romans, and Egyptians did, would have greatly affected their civilizations since it was part of their daily lives. Journal #2. Page …show more content…

They were able learn more about agricultural due to the mass consumers of the product. Instead of farmers consuming it, wine was used as a commercial product due to the numerous amounts of people that wanted it. With their farming background knowledge, they created fields of wine to sustain the needs of buyers. Journal #5. Page 65- “…a gathering at which everyone drank as equals from a shard bowl appears to embody the idea of democracy.” Response - Philosophy was viewed as the pursuit of wisdom and was commonly used during sympoison or a social gathering. The sympoison was a place to discuss about the truth as equals, however, it was only for privileged men. Those men were only able to have leisure time and have a few sympoison. This was the one of the earlier idea of democracy since everyone was equal despite the slaves. Furthermore, this was the reason why many civil wars broke out due to the inequality. Journal #6. Page 78- “ …the client would often find himself being served inferior food and wine to those of other guests and might find himself the butt of the other guests’ …show more content…

Sugar was one of the most demanding goods, thus, the sugar production increased dramatically. Slaves played a huge part in this since they were the ones who help produce sugar. If it was not for the distilled drinks, then the slave trade would not have been so big and caused disputes about slavery. Journal #8. Page 119- “New England’s rum distillers led the opposition to the new rules by helping to organize a boycott of imports from Britain.” Response - In this passage, New England had distilling due to the rum’s popularity in the colonies since there were only a few choices of alcoholic beverages. Of course, Britain was not pleased with this, which resulted in trade wars with New England and America. The trade relationships between these countries were not as good and it became worse. This started the American revolution because of the dispute of trading. Journal #9. Page 138- “Coffee shook off its original religious associations and became a social drink, sold by the cup on the street in the market square, and then in dedicated

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