Application Essay: A Career As A Nursing Assistant

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When I was young, I realized that I love being able to bring a smile to somebody’s face. I currently work in a retirement home, I love enjoy making the residents feel as though they are important as well as making sure their day is as great as it can possibly be. I have never had a resident unhappy to see me, in fact, it is quite the opposite. When a resident in need of assistance lays their eyes on me, their faces light up with excitement because they know their day got easier and they have someone to talk to.. Not only do I love helping people, but I also enjoy studying anatomy and physiology. Because I love helping people as well as the study of anatomy and physiology, I would love to go into healthcare in the future. Not only would I be able to bring a smile to peoples faces, but I will be able to enjoy my work and maintain a positive attitude while working.
During my earlier years of life, my parents would always tell me interesting stories, of which they had acquired from their healthcare careers . After a few years of aging and maturing, I had the opportunity to observe what my parents did on a daily basis in their
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I have worked in nursing homes as a certified nursing assistant, although this is not the most pleasant or fun job, it gave me an idea of what people go through on a daily basis and how they could use my help with their everyday tasks. I am currently working with my fellow students of the CAPS program to collect money for the Kansas City Medicine Cabinet. We have been working on a drive to collect coins that we can donate to the Medicine Cabinet. The money that we collect will help people who cannot receive medical treatment because of their financial situation. This experience challenges me to look at healthcare from a different perspective and realize that our healthcare system has many flaws that need to be
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