Are Children Becoming A Soldier Who's To Blame?

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Imagine your childhood, sweet, cute and simple. This isn 't the case for everyone. Right now there are child soldiers who are making memories, but they aren 't good. They 're violent and damaging, but there is nothing they can do about it. These children are being forced by commanders to fight in war, they are seeing things that children should never have to see, and they 're being put under drugs and can 't think clearly. Child Soldiers are victims. First, these children are being forced by commanders to fight in war. "They lack the mental maturity and judgment to express consent or to fully understand the implications of their actions… and are pushed by their adult commanders into perpetrating atrocities" (IRIN). The commanders are taking advantage of these innocent children because the commanders know how easily influenced the children are. These commanders making the kids significantly less innocent. Another piece of evidence is "Children are often forced into fighting and have little choice over whether or not they enlist" (Child Soldiers Prosecution). They are usually forced into becoming a soldier, and don 't have much of a choose whether they enlist or not. It isn 't their fault that such terrible things around them. …show more content…

Next, these children are seeing things that children should never have to see. "Khadr was also seriously wounded in the firefight, half-blinded in one eye and with two bullet wounds to his chest..." (Child soldier on trial). This happened to one former child soldier. He experienced much more physical pain and mental pain than anyone should have to go through. More evidence is "The war has left him, like many other children here, hard beyond his years" (Armed). No child should be "hard" they 're supposed to be innocent and happy. Children shouldn 't have to experience such a tough and harmful life. No child should have to watch people die. Let alone actually kill someone. These kids need to be kids, they have so ,unchanged life

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