Argument Over Universality Of Human Rights And Cultural Relativism

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The Argument over Universality of Human Right and Cultural Relativism (RENTELN VIEW) Whether the right recognized in the universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international Human Rights covenant are universal? Is a question that has led to many human right scholars to pose a controversial debate on the aspect of the universality of human rights. Like order scholar who have centre their controversies on the nature of human right, its source, justification and origin . But Renteln argument deals with the issue of universality of human right which is aim to achieve an international commitment in the implementation of human rights that is currently being witnessed though with respect to the concept of a cultural diversity . However, it is the theory of the universalism that human rights are universal and are inherent in every individual by virtue of being a human being , but for cultural relativist like RENTELN, she beliefs that if actually human right exist, such right are relative to one’s culture, for RENTELN It is futile and perhaps over counterproductive merely to assert the existence of universal human rights in the face of cultural diversity. . According to RENTELN she said; “The Marxist view of individual rights is that they are a bourgeois illusion. In the presence of vast inequality, professing a commitment to human rights ends up meaning little than saying that an individual can decide under which bridge to sleep. Presumably this applies largely to

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