Argumentative Essay About High School Football

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Every year parents and students of local schools can come and enjoy seeing kids of their community playing football, which could make a player's future bright, and a grandparent proud. However, some would argue to say high school football is too dangerous to keep around. Kids and adults are then forced to take a side on the issue for the good of the school and the safety of the children. However, it seems too important to let go. Considering the college scholarships that can be provided, the countless generations of players in certain families, and the homecoming activities would be pointless without it. Football is important to the high school experience and different family’s history around the world. The most important thing about football …show more content…

According to Carl Pickhardt a psychologist, and author sport players can get anxiety from the pressure of the sport or their coach. The article reads, “anxiety about mistakes… loss of confidence in one's capacity to preform… even quitting the sport to avoid any coaching” (Pickhardt). By continuing to have football, with a coach that is constantly yelling at his players, and most players not getting enough play time. The kids could lose interests in sports altogether, and have four years of no activities. despite that, Therese Borcharch a mental health writer and activist states sports can make you push your limits, and raise your self-esteem, with the success after all your hard work. Borcharch states “It did nurture self-esteem: the process of pushing yourself to a place you didn’t think you could go… the athletic high after an event drives you toward others” (Borcharch). With football or any sport, once you succeed and do something good for your team, you feel on top of the world. you get pushed to make yourself work hard, and meet your goals. Even though, some can feel as though their coach is impossible to work with and they're getting nowhere with the sport. The way you feel when you're helping your team win should push you to your

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