Argumentative Essay: Are Aliens Real?

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Throughout history, many people have believed that aliens exist. Over the last 50 years there have been hundreds of UFO sightings and aliens abductions reports. For example, in 1947 a man named Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains when he saw “nine objects, glowing bright blue-white, flying in a V formation” (history). At first he thought it was some kind of aircraft built by the government, but later investigation revealed that it wasn’t. Although people claim to have seen aliens or been abducted by them there isn’t enough evidence to back it up. While many people believe aliens are real because of the statistical evidence, that does not make up for the lack of physical evidence, therefore aliens and alien abductions are not real. Despite the lack of evidence, many people believe alien abduction stories to be true. …show more content…

But, how can something be real if there's no evidence? Are aliens simply creatures made up by humans? Is it even possible for an alien to travel through space? But, one individual named Frank Drake created an equation that allows humans to “Estimate how many alien civilization might exist in the Milky Way”. (Orwig). This equation statically proves that aliens do exist. Because of this equation humans are able to conclude that there are potentially millions of alien civilizations out there. Although, just because there is no actual evidence doesn’t mean that it never happened. Aliens are statically real despite, the lack of physical evidence. Many critics argue that the universe is too big for there not to be another form of life such as aliens. For example, “it’s highly improbable in the limitless vastness of the universe that we humans stand alone” (Gates). This quote means the universe is way too big for humans to be the only form of life in existence. But, even with the statistical evidence it’s all just statistics it does not give enough proof of aliens existence in the

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