Argumentative Essay On Aliens Are Real

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Do you think aliens are real? Yes, many people think they are just some made up theory, but In think they are wrong. I think aliens are real and lots of other people agree and they have proof by taking pictures and videos. Also the army found proof and kept it hidden from the world. The army found a UFO crash and on a mountain but they got rid of it, so people wouldn't find it and put it on the news. Lots of people have seen and taken pictures and put it on line and make stories about them so people can see them.

My first fact is, NASA found tons of alien activity in space on one of the planets. My reason and evidence is a man named Scott found a UFO flying in the air. So he got is technology equipment and he used it and found alien activity near the UFO. Many people try to find, see, and get proof of alien and UFO activity. Also people try very hard to find proof and when they do they tell other people and sometimes that person tells them that its false information when its actually true.

My second fact is that NASA found water one of the planets in space. NASA said where ever there is water there is living things. So that means there are living things on that planet where they found the water. People from NASA have cameras in space, they saw and found small movement where the water. Lots of people say that what NASA found …show more content…

In the world there has been many argument now and in the past about them being real or not. Many people say speeches and put lots of picture and videos on Facebook or on blogs so people can see and believe in aliens and UFOs. I hope who ever reads this will change their minds and believe in something so amazing and very cool. So that is my alien story, I hope you all enjoyed about my different alien and UFO stories and i will say it again, if you do not believe in alien, you might change your mind when you read my alien

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