Summary Of Apollo 11 Launch By Ayn Rand

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What is this text’s purpose?
The purpose of this text is to inform readers of details about the lunar landing . It also showed the effect that this landing had on the world.
How is the text affected by the interaction among speaker, audience, and subject?
Because this text is intended for a worldwide audience, the author uses language that most people will be able understand. In addition a lot of information that common people would like to know is included. The subject is the lunar landing and the speaker is a writer at the times magazine who has viewed the moon landing. This is the reason why the writer is able to explain in detail what happened. Because the magazine is reputed, the information will appeal to readers of that magazine. …show more content…

Because the author was a personal witness to the launch, she herself wanted to tell others why the launch was a great accomplishment for man. Since the subject was the Apollo 11 launch, she would be explaining a subject that most people know about, so she didn’t just talk about the the basics and facts, instead she explained in detail what happened and why it is so important. The audience of the Objectivist most likely value individualism, freedom, and reason just like Ayn which allows her to write in a way that satisfies her and not just in a way that satisfies others.
How does the text appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos?
This text appeals to ethos because we know that Ayn is a novelist and also partially created a publication called the Objectivist. She also builds ethos when she explained that she viewed the launch in person. It appeals to pathos a lot because the audience and Ayn herself believe in individualism, freedom, and reason. They both will appreciate how the launch was such a great accomplishment for man. Ayn in detail explains why the launch was so great. There is not much appeals to logos, although Ayn does include a few facts about the launch.
How effective is the text in achieving its …show more content…

It would show rather than tell the viewpoint of Herblock. Because the author is a cartoonist, he could easily convert the subject of the problem with the moon expedition, into a cartoon. The interaction between the audience and subject affected the text because most people will know about the moon expedition so the cartoon will be something that many people will be able to understand.
How does the text appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos?
The text appeals to ethos because we know that the author is a famous cartoonist Herb Lock (automatic ethos). The newspaper his cartoons are in, The Washington Post is also very credible. It appeals to pathos because when you see the words “war, poverty, prejudice” you automatically have a vivid picture of those horrible things. He wants to show people that even if you can go to the moon, you can’t escape these problems on Earth and he believes that people should be spending their time on these problems rather than going to the moon. The picture does not appeal to logos but people must already know about the moon landing to understand this cartoon.
How effective is the text in achieving its purpose?
This text is very effective in achieving its purpose because it will make people think twice about the accomplishment of the moon landing when there are already so many problems that should be dealt

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