Argumentative Essay: Do We Need The NSA?

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“If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost.” Representatives, keep this quote in mind today, as President Barack Obama was absolutely correct in saying so. Now Thomas Hobbes’s theory of the social contract is clear, in which the people must sacrifice a portion of their rights for protection by the government. But this sacrifice does not and cannot have a definition. Times change, and with it, so must security measures. With the rise of the digital age, the monitoring of this information becomes crucial to security. That is why we must let the NSA be, and that is why I must negate this resolution. Now simply put, the US needs the NSA, as they are one of the few possibly effective anti-terrorist methods today. Political commentator Marc A. Thiessen claimed that there are only three methods in the modern age to combat and prevent terrorism: Interrogation, Penetration, and Signals intelligence. As for interrogation, Executive Order 13491 of 2009 prohibits inhumane, but effective methods of interrogation. Also, a living and breakable subject must be …show more content…

US internet use has not declined at all since Edward Snowden’s leakage of the NSA’s operations in 2013. According to Internet Live Stats, US internet usage has increased at about 17.8 million new users per year, mostly for miscellaneous reasons. According to Scott Public Relations, the 3 most popular uses for the internet by far are social networking, gaming, and emailing, constituting 41.9% of the total time Americans spend online. Representatives there is no need to investigate the NSA. They are one of our few feasible defenses against terrorism today, and we cannot afford to lose it. An investigation would only further increase tensions between the US government and its constituents, and so I must

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