Argumentative Essay On Catch 22

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Heavily critiqued but widely honored as one of today’s most captivating and literary intriguing books of the past century, Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 presents a story displaying one of the more forgotten aspects of WWII which is base life. Catch-22 is a book set during World War II where an American B-52 bombardier named Yossarian communicates his experiences and life at a U.S. Air Force base on a small island named Pianosa located west of Italy. Catch 22 is renowned by many who have enjoyed the book’s realism and use of satire, but some people mainly teachers believe the book to be to mature for students of the high school age. In some cases the book has been outright banned such as the case in Strongsville, Ohio where the school district banned the book from school libraries due to the use of profanity and racial slurs repeated often throughout the …show more content…

Many schools across the nation debated the topic of banning the book Catch-22 from schools due to the repeated and inappropriate use of foul language used throughout the book; however, Catch 22 provides students with a satirical take on the effects of war on the mind. Catch-22 must be permitted into schools because the novel provides a high school student with an analytical insight into war and allows the student to articulate an opinion of war and the effects followed by a conflict. War has been a controversial topic for the last few decades; many Americans since the Vietnam protests of the 1960’s have come to the decision that War is wrong and an injustice to humanity, but high school students are old enough to formulate an assumption on this long debated topic; Catch-22 may help students make this assumption of war and the effects that follow. Amy Goodwin an Athens News contributor suggested in an article that former President Barack Obama should read Catch-22,” It was his Oct. 2nd, 2002 speech in Chicago, where he declared his opposition to the imminent invasion

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