Argumentative Essay On Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit

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Argumentative Essay on Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit Philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, in his play, No Exit, displays the ideas of his existential philosophy through the backstories and characteristics of three main characters. Existentialism is the idea that humans are nothing but their own conscious existence. In discussion of existentialism, one controversial issue has been whether existence precedes essence or essence precedes existence. On the one hand Sartre argues that man is an independent individual, determined by his will alone . On the other hand, Camus contends that man cannot determine their future by the actions they take. My own view is that man is in control of everything they do and the things man do shape them into who they are. A point that Sartre brings to life is that man is in control of everything they do. This theory brought to life by Sartre restates the idea that we pave the road to our future success or future failures. Firstly, Sartre employs this philosophy into his characters in his play No Exit. In the play, the characters were all sent to “hell” for the choices they made throughout their life. Although the choices they made led to their downfalls, it was by their own control that they failed. They chose to take some actions that backfired and took a turn for the worst. Another example, Lebron James, one of the best basketball players of our generation, has become one of the most successful athletes of all time. He chose to work hard at what he

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