Argumentative Essay On Locavore

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Locavore Position

As “locavores” becomes gradually apparent in society, the term newly introduced to a grand population appears questionable and unfamiliar. The term “locavore” is defined as person who only eats locally grown/produced products as much as possible, and they are also generally advocates for the cause they support. Locavores believe that there is greater nutritional value and memorable personal experiences, yet there is no concrete evidence that suggests that locavores should be the grand decision. Choosing imported goods should be an effective way of allowing mass production to feed a large population along with accessibility. For instance, a main argument for locavores is that when produce is shipped to different areas it loses most of its nutritional value gained from the soil it was grown in. In source A and B, nutrition is stated as a serious issue that continues to be dismissed and not taken into consideration in terms of the long lasting effects on the public. However, in source B, nutrition is confronted as a minuscule factor because the majority of the people with access to readily available produce are not malnourished. In fact, the growing rate of obesity constantly rises, proving that the statement indicating we are a malnourished society is wrong. …show more content…

This includes the unnecessary gloating, ridiculous price for “fresh, natural” produce, and the ginormous pressure on the farmers to hold enough for the community, and the ludicrous mileage it may take to get to the nearest “local” market, as seen in source G. Locavores are not only absurd, but not living in the modern times. The grand majority stays the way it is because this is the effect of mass production, and it is rising up to expectations. New innovation is meant to be utilized, which justifies the need for

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