Argumentative Essay On Maternity Leave

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For my argumentative essay topic I will be discussing why employers should be required to pay maternity leave. Most people after they have a child take somewhere between six to eight weeks leave of absence from their place of employment. There are at least four states that pay maternity leave California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Families that have children should not be put under financial stress due to an unpaid time off work. While they caring for their new baby is stressful enough adding to it by financial stress can be a burden. I can speak from a personal experience that when I had my children I left my place of employment a couple of weeks before my due date due to medical reasons. Our family was in a financial strain after our baby was born due to loss of income and I was forced to return soon after coming home with a new baby. If I had been offered a paid maternity leave our family would have benefited greatly. …show more content…

People are paid time off for reasons less important than having a baby. Most parents fear the first day they have to leave their baby in a new child care facility. Sometimes the unpaid time that most people take affects their family because everyone struggles when a paycheck is not coming in. The cost of raising a new baby buying diapers, clothes, formula, and medical bills all adds up when there is no income coming in.
Some of the recourses I plan to use to back take on the argument are the websites and periodicals, I will research and gather data that supports statistics that show the states that have enforced paid maternity leave in the work place have higher employment return. I will find resources that show children do better when they have more time with their parents after they are born, and parents are able to bond with their children better. With my ideas and backing them up with resources I plan to provide a useful argument for the

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