Mental Health Issues In Healthcare

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Mental illness plagues the entirety of a human being even if it is met with opposition because it makes the most simplest tasks hard and the days soon begin to drag on. My brother Chase has struggled with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar 2 disorder which is the more depressive form of bipolar. It was always brushed off by his doctors and his teachers as normal teenager behavior. Our mother argued persistently with the doctor that he was bipolar but it was always the same result, “it’s just a phase, he’ll work himself out of it in no time.” He never did work it out until he was 22. His mental disorders triggered addiction for him to be able to cope with these issues and instead of facing them head on he turned to heavy drugs and alcohol. He was lucky to never get incarcerated …show more content…

Healthcare providers are not doing enough to treat these people and help them to become functioning members of society. Mental health needs to become affordable to all people. While, leaps and bounds have been made in the last 10 years with the expansion of Medicaid and the ACA, there is still a lot needed to be done. The current White House administration is looking to eliminate both the ACA and Medicaid both of which benefit the care for mental health. With these large cuts proposed by President Trump, the coverage of mental health will be completely eradicated. People will no longer be able to afford the help they need. This will only increase the amount of mentally ill who are incarcerated. Additionally, the stigma surrounding illness will only continue to grow. Mental illness is something that is often judged and made fun of. If any progress is going to happen, that needs to stop. Mental illness needs to be normalized before it can be cared for. If this judgements are continued, it will only cause these people with the disorder to become spiteful and not want to get the care they

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