Argumentative Essay On Perfectionism

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“Are you a perfectionist?” when I asked this question most of my classmates say “No”. I used to agree with them because “A good man is hard to find” and “A perfect person is impossible”. You always think Perfectionism can’t exist, nobody has enough ability to touch it that why pencil have eraser. However “Is it true?” Do you believe that perfectionism is real and many people conquer it? Let‘s find the answer in my representation.
What is perfectionism?
Perfectionism is often mistaken for ‘being perfect’ or ‘doing something perfectly’. Many people assume that it must be the best thing. In fact, perfectionism is not necessary about being ‘perfect’. Ask yourself this question…Is it ever really possible to be 100% ‘perfect’? We will use the following definitions to have a comprehensive view about perfectionism, which has three main parts:
+ The relentless efforts for extremely high standards of yourself.
+ Judging your self-worth basing on your ability to achieve unrelenting standards.
+ Overcoming negative consequences of demanding standards, never give up even though you need to pay the huge cost. If you always think “I can’t be a perfectionist, because nothing in my life is perfect.” But being a perfectionist isn’t about things being perfect; it 's about …show more content…

They train person who become master, manager and make work for another. German make the world admire their spirit. They dare choose the impossible things, conquer, and turn them into reality, which why German called as “the inviolable tank” never ever destroyed. Because nothing can be better than perfectionism .However their perfection is only true in a certain range of work and education. German conception is their life can distortion in several things to becoming more interesting, but must be perfect in producing, education- two fundamental critical to make

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