Argumentative Essay On Smoking

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Smoking assignment
So there’s this debate going on whether University of Minnesota is taking smoking a bit too seriously. They are considering banning smoking completely, even off campus. Here’s what the viewers don’t like. They don’t think smoking should be banned, because it’s a state school, therefore the state controls it and they’re basically trying to ban something that’s been legal for hundred years. Just because smoking is bad for you doesn’t necessarily mean it kills you, as Drew Findling states in the video “We can’t be too overprotected”, whom also states that a leaded pencils is dangerous. As Drew Findling finds it very disturbing that the government controls the University, Andrew Smiley finds it very useful. He definitely thinks the University of Minnesota should make their own rules. It’s a college campus therefore the campus has to act like parents and be healthy and prepared for school, because one of the reasons why the campus wants to ban it is because people get sick. The big question is if the government is trying to control everything today, what should we eat, what’s best for you and so on. The real is if the smoke-free campus’ are going too far.
So I have a brother who smokes, he know all the consequences of smoking, but he keeps on smoking. Why is that? Throughout the text, they keep mentioning nicotine. Is one ingredient enough for people being addicted all their lives? Well in fact it is, only six cigarettes are enough to make you

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