Argumentative Essay: Putting Prayer In Public Schools

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People have been trying to put prayer back in school for quite a while, though some people are against putting prayer back in school. They have been organizing fundraisers, organizations, campaigns, and several other things. Some people take putting prayer back in school to the next level, and they post about it on social media.¨The debate over prayer in public schools has been a quiet one, largely because it's pretty clear that setting aside time for prayer in public schools violates our Constitutional separation between church and state. In 1962, the United States Supreme Court ruled that public schools cannot have official prayer times for that reason. Yet with every school tragedy, there is always some outcry that 'removing God from the …show more content…

Now we’ve lost our Judeo-Christian heritage and its byproduct – a Christian culture¨ (David). And with a last note, Travis Mitchell, also, an article writer, who wrote an article called,"Religion in Everyday Life." ¨For example, nearly half of highly religious Americans – defined as those who say they pray every day and attend religious services each week – gather with extended family at least once or twice a month.1 By comparison, just three-in-ten Americans who are less religious gather as frequently with their extended families. Roughly two-thirds of highly religious adults (65%) say they have donated money, time or goods to help the poor in the past week, compared with 41% who are less religious. And 40% of highly religious U.S. adults describe themselves as “very happy,” compared with 29% of those who are less religious¨(Mitchell). In conclusion, putting prayer back in school is important to some, yet not quite on the top ten things to do for others. Some people take prayer being put back into schools a crime, for others, it’s a life mission, filled with petitions, campaigns, organizations, and fundraisers. Putting prayer back in schools has been tried since it was taken out of

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