Importance Of Festivals

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Religion is an important aspect of life in all cultures and countries around the world. The United States is one of the most eclectic, inviting religious centers of the world. The United States houses at least one division of each currently followed religion worldwide. Worship, rituals, and festival and celebrations of different religions are prevalent in everyday life. For example, in most states, an individual can locate churches, mosques, and other places of worship in major cities. Because the United States is considered the melting pot of cultures, housing all cultures efficiently is extremely vital which includes providing a place of worship for the numerous religions. With the use of ceremonies and festivals, the United States …show more content…

Each festival has its own meaning to each individual participant. Religious festivals celebrated outside of one’s birth country can serve as an opportunity for individuals to form social connections and communication amongst people with similar beliefs. Festivals can also be a way for family and friends and communities to spend quality time and promote family togetherness and harmony. Being close to one religious belief and traditions is important to followers of all faiths. Each festival exudes a message and an understanding of that specific religion (Importance of Festivals in Life, 2018). For a religion to survive over decades, traditions, celebrations, festivals and beliefs must be evident and the significance of this information should be evident through everyday practices and beliefs. Religion is believed to have a direct effect on social stability as well. According to Patrick Fagan, author of Why Religion Matters: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability, it is believed that more than half the people that reside in the United States still attend a place of worship over a weekend (Fagan, 1996). He also believes that the strength of the family unit is intertwined with the practice of religion. Family is a universal concern; the practice of religion to include festivals and celebrations show positive benefits in …show more content…

There are several religious organizations that orchestrate festivals commemorating the Jewish religion. The Levin JCC conducts several celebratory festivals of Jewish importance. For example, on Mitzah Day, celebrated on December 25th every year, a festival conducted in which participants feed and assist those in need and those who serve the community. Another celebrated day is Sukkot celebration. The Sukkot celebration lasts for eight days and during those eight days, the harvest is celebrated. Families eat in their sukkah and invite others to join (Jewish Festival and Celebration, 2018). With the public display of faith and belief, each religion can acquire new followers as well as sufficiently support the current members. Allowing all religions to celebrate their special festivals encourages community unity and open acceptance for all that is different.
In conclusion, religious festivals play a very important part in the survival and spread of all religions. Festivals allow followers to publicly display their commitment to the religion while enjoying the break for the stresses of everyday life. Festivals can be used to remind religious followers of the efforts of their founders while receiving spiritual rejuvenation at the same

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