How Does Immigrant Culture Affect American Culture

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The Immigrant cultures have affected the American cultural life by food we eat today. Americans do not only eat American food. Now a days we can go to an Chinese restaurant and order Chinese food. Although, the workers are normally Chinese people. Also, there are a lot of Italian restaurants in America. Pasta is one of the main meals people eat here in United States. Mexican restaurants are located all over too, taco Tuesday, for example has influenced many people.

Immigrants have helped the United Sates with jobs. They do not push Americas out of jobs. Some immigrants start businesses and make jobs available for Americans. Immigrants come here and fill the jobs that Americans do not what to do or willing to do. Many immigrants are skilled and smart when they come here to the United States. Immigrants make it easier for us to communicate with other countries. Due to immigrants we have business contracts with other countries.According the NAS, immigrants delievered a positive gain in the US economy. Higher skilled immigrants usually work in medical field, computer science, and physics. Lower skilled works in hotels, restaurants, and and construction. …show more content…

A lot of clothing is made in foreign countries, so that the US can get clothing made for cheaper. Immigrants have created new clothing trends as the years pass. Also, has started new clothing brands. There are new accessories for women and men that has been created. Women get new choices for rings, necklaces, braclets, and hair products. Men receive more options for their outfits: watches, hair products, and shoes.
Thanks to the Immigrants, there are many more religions that are present in the United States. There are many different religions such as: Islamic, Judiasm, and Christianity. The first religion In the United States was Evangelicalism, which in the literal

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