Case Study: Madalyn Murray O Hair's Case

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Turning point
Madalyn Murray O'hair's desire to eliminate religious teachings from the public school system had a contribution to a notable increase of juvenile delinquency since her Supreme court case win in 1963. Since the removal, there has been a lack of educational tools in the teaching of ethics and morals to students enrolled in public schools, which has caused the increase of student misbehavior and tragedies through out the United States. In turn, a rippling effect from loss of religious education and a crumbling economic system that now requires a two parent income in the middle class families, school age children are now losing knowledge and understanding to a belief system leading to a higher purpose. Parents have lost the required time and interaction with the increase demands and responsibilities in the family home, unable to teach the mandatory morals, proper behavior and belief of more than self to their children so they can make righteous life decisions. Since Madalyn Murray O'hair's removal of religious teachings from public schools, it has had numerous impacts on changing people's perspective on the world and the people who live in it. …show more content…

Madalyn Murray O'hair's case has decreased the act of morals being taught to students enrolled in public schools, Which created the void that religion once filled for preventing school mischief and tragedies to happen eventually affecting the world and those who live in

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