Argumentative Essay: The Dawn Of The Drones

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Adolfo Zamores
Kathleen Beardsell
Argument Essay
17 November 2015
Dawn of the Drones The idea of being able to kill the terrorists that pose a threat to us and our country, without having to sacrifice American soldiers lives sounds like a smart one. With the use of drones such as the MQ-9 Reaper, this is possible. Imagine finding intel on the whereabouts of a high-ranking member of the Taliban or al-Qaeda, with research and an attack approval from the President, the drone is sent to the foreign country where the target resides and with the click of a button, a missile descends from the sky into the hideout or vehicle of the target. This might sound like a good idea on paper, but the horrors of drone warfare make the ones who try to end terrorism …show more content…

When a drone strikes a target, rockets soar down from the reaper drone and detonate when it comes in contact with the target. This explosion can send shrapnel in any direction causing damage surrounding buildings and people. This is what civilians are fearful for in these areas of conflict. These drones have killed about 2,562 - 3,325 people in pakistan and about 474 - 881 were civilians, according to TBJI reports from June 2004. Not only are there deaths from these attacks but also a large numbers of life threatening injuries that range from 1,228 - 1,362. according to a study conducted by Stanford and NYU. Some witnesses even accused the CIA of double striking, which is shooting at a target after the initial impact, which would kill the responders of of the first strike (CNN Wire Staff). The Stanford/NYU study also states that these attacks cause harm, “...beyond death and physical injury.” Also, they published many cases of psychological trauma. Hajii Gulab Jan Dawar, a pharmacist in a bazaar in Pakistan, says, “Sales of sleeping tablets, antidepressants and medicine to treat anxiety have soared (Walsh).” This comes to show how the constant fear of drones circling above a village, not knowing when or where it will strike, is extreme hardship for many of the civilians in the …show more content…

US officials responsible for the CIA drone campaign, have committed war crimes and should stand trial, according to Jon Boone. To back up the accusations towards the officials, he explains that nine of many attacks are being investigated, one being the missile strike that ended the lives of eighteen laborers who had just gotten done picking scrap metal, and were waiting to eat in an area with a heavy concentration of Taliban. Another controversial strike that Boone explains was the case of a sixty-eight year old woman named Mamana Babi, who was picking okra with her grandchildren outside her home when a missile soared from the sky and struck her, killing her instantly; minutes later a second strike injured her family members who aided her. This strike shows how the accusations towards the CIA about double striking are indeed true. Also two al-Qaeda suspects were successfully killed in a strike on a truck, according to Boone, only thing was that there was 4 deaths instead of only the 2 that were planned. The other two were the civilian drivers who had been hired to drive the suspects. Jon states, “That means the attack could have been illegal because it “may have been caused disproportionate harm to civilians (Boone).” Also a town in northwestern Pakistan known as Miram Shah, has become a fearful and paranoid place, mainly because it 's dealt with 13 strikes since 2008, says Walsh Declan. “... the strikes in the area mostly occur in densely populated neighborhoods.”

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