Character Change In Najmah's Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) Americans have been involved in Afghanistan though they are not as helpful as they are harmful to Afghan people. (BS-1) Americans, though they feel as though they are helping Afghan people they are really ruining everything. (BS-2) These bombs from the Americans on Afghanistan affect innocent people like Najmah in Under the Persimmon Tree. (BS-3) American bombs affect areas where the Taliban is most likely located, this includes Nusrat’s husband. (TS) Staples uses the nonfiction topic of American Involvement in Afghanistan to describe character change in both Najmah and Nusrat.

(MIP-1) Americans in Afghanistan have bombed villages to push the Taliban away, but this affects many, including Najmah and her family. (SIP-A) A bombing in Kunduz threatens Najmah and her families lives. (STEWE-1) The bomb falls from the sky to Najmah’s homeland ruining everything though she doesn’t know it yet, “And then I hear a strange whistling sound that seems to grow louder, and the ground heaves and a loud thump echoes from somewhere below” (Staples 65). In this quote, Najmah experiences a bombing in her small village of Kunduz though she doesn’t think of it as something terrible. Due to Najmah’s location attacks in general are not a surprise so it hasn’t gotten to her that something is seriously wrong. It doesn’t occur to Najmah that after this …show more content…

(BS-3) Americans in Afghanistan have bombed many locations connected to the Taliban in hopes of creating peace but failed in Nusrat’s case. (BS-2) Innocent people in Afghanistan have been affected from American bombs, including Najmah. (BS-1) Americans ruined everything many Afghan people loved but seemed to think it is helping. (R) "’If the [U. S. ] base wasn't here, the Taliban wouldn't be attacking us,’ says Kamin Agha, a local truckdriver” (Moreau, Ron,

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