Argumentative Essay: The Growth Of DNA Profiling

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The Growth of DNA Profiling With today's crime rate being at an all time high, crime investigators have switched to using faster and easier methods of locating a suspect. DNA profiling is one method that is becoming more popular because it is faster and easier. It is also becoming popular because you can use the method of DNA profiling in more than one way and for several different things other than just in criminal investigations. One of the most common uses for DNA profiling is the use in criminal investigations. DNA profiling is a method that is becoming more popular in criminal investigations because of how the method can guarantee a DNA match. Unlike other methods, DNA profiling can take a DNA sample of a suspect and give an identity, because with DNA profiling the method uses all types of records to find the identity, not just the records of past criminals. The use of all of these different records helps in case the suspect’s match is a guarantee and not just someone with a past criminal record, whose DNA is similar to that of the actual suspect (Pros and Cons). Another reason why DNA profiling is becoming more and more popular in criminal investigations is because DNA profiling can use a wide range of DNA samples. In other methods of finding a DNA match,…show more content…
The average time it take the for a convicted felon to be convicted, have the case reopened after the original trial, and being released is fourteen years. With DNA profiling the possibility of being wrongly convicted would not happen or the time period between sentencing and release could be made shorter. DNA profiling makes the process of matching the DNA to a suspect shorter and if the DNA doesn’t match the convicted criminal than the convicted can be released in a shorter amount of time, not in fourteen year like it could take using other methods (DNA Exonerations
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