Argumentative Essay: What Is A Nursing Pillow?

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What is the nursing pillow?

Traditionally, nursing pillow is the pillow, which is used to breastfeeding with sleep nursing pillow. However, in recent years there has been new uses for nursing pillow designed to be used during the mother's last months of her pregnancy. And the ergonomic shape of the cushion and its applications make nursing pillow will be the best partner to enjoy a deep sleep.

Nursing pads are elongated pregnant with their favorite adapt to the female body and its various sleep nursing pillow can be placed on the legs, ankles, or lower back.

When and how to choose?

The purchase of the nursing pillow is not a priority. Be sure to first give the baby to breast several times to find the ideal position during breastfeeding. After a few days, make a point on your first habits before you invest or not in a nursing pillow. If you feel fatigue in the arms or back …show more content…

First we see the classic position. We put the cushion laterally and support legs. The pillow will bind us up and welcome the baby that simply rest on. While nursing the child moves from one breast to the other, of course, the cushion will be moved accordingly. Now we see a variation. We bring the pillow front and we place the baby completely lying with his head facing the breast. The objective is to make to feel ourselves and our child comfortable and in a comfortable position. Keep in mind that in one day the hour of breastfeeding are numerous and prolonged.

The pillow is also useful for those who practice breastfeeding lying down. In this case the cushion acts as a support for the back and head. The child is positioned laterally to us on the bed. This is the position of lactation preferred during the night hours. We can stay quietly lay on the bed and allow our son to eat without having to wake up suddenly. In this position, we must pay attention during lactation. The child must fit well to the body so as to breathe easily during

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