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Co-sleeping is when both the child and the parent sleep in close contact of one another. They share the same room and the same bed. The child either sleeps in a crib in the room or in the same bed with the parent. Some people bedshare because it’s easy access for breastfeeding, the child and parent can get more sleep. They do it also just to be with the child. In some countries and cultures, putting your child in bed with you is a common thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Putting an infant in bed with an adult can be a safety risk. The baby can be suffocated, SIDS, or strangled to death. These forms of death are common among infants 0-3 months. Babies should be placed in bed without pillows and blankets because these are safety hazards. They should be lying flat on their backs without objects around them. Don’t put heavy clothing on the baby, check headboard and footboard for cracks, don’t …show more content…

Some cultures such as Guatemalan, see co-sleeping as a way for a child to learn their people’s ways and Americans see it as showing independence early. Co-sleeping has increased in our country to about 30 percent of our children bedsharing with their parents. This is a time to bond for a lot of parents that work and are away from their babies all day. These sleeping arrangements can affect the child when having family gatherings. The baby in the Guatemalan culture may fall asleep causing the parent to take them to a quiet area to sleep and the American mother may have to struggle with her baby to get them to sleep. All cultures have a different way of dealing with their children. We all try to succeed in raising our babies responsibly.

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