The Benefits Of Infant Massage

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Infant Massage is a parenting practice that has been passed down from ancestors all over the world including places such as India, Africa, South America, and Asia. Infant massage came to be in the United States by Vimala Schneider McClure in the 1970’s. While in India, McClure observed mothers practicing massage on their infants and saw that it had a positive effect. McClure then went on to found the International Association of Infant Massage. She spread the word about infant massage and helped new mothers learn the importance of using these new techniques in caring for their children (McClure). Infant massage provides many proven benefits through touch and the use of oils not only for the infants themselves but the parents as well. Infant …show more content…

Studies show that cortisol levels which is a stress indicator were significantly lower after infant massage. Infant massage improves the overall functioning of the gastrointestinal tract along with enhancing the immune system function. Additionally, infant massage improves sensory and body awareness. This practice can also normalize muscle tone, improve circulation, and neurological development. Colic, which is a painful gas that takes an infant a long period of time to eliminate can be treated by preforming certain massage strokes on your baby’s abdomen. Congestion and sinuses are always affecting us and can become a hassle especially in babies. Within infant massage a Swedish massage technique is used to break up that tough congestion of mucous in the chest of your baby. Facial massage practices aid in clearing out some of the excess mucous as well, and clearing the nasal passages. When the dreaded process of teething starts there are many ways to help aid and sooth your baby. Providing massages and comfort help release hormones that assist with mood enhancement and pain relief. Along with all these incredible benefits, I believe the best is intimate parent-infant bonding and attachment …show more content…

Thanks to case studies infant massage offers benefits such as sleep aid, congestion relief, body awareness, and intimate parent bonding. Just as there are numerous benefits for infants, the same goes for the parents. These benefits include stress relief, learning to understand cues from your infant, and increased self-esteem when it comes to being a parent. Infant massages are continuing to be practiced in homes, clinics, and the NICU in hospitals. However, there are many parents still unaware of this practice and all it entails. As more research is conducted and infant massage as a whole becomes more accepted in everyday life, I’m optimistic that infant massage will become more main stream just as pacifiers, rockers, and infant swaddling is

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