Childbirth In The 50's

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As a first time mom going into motherhood can be a frightening and joyful moment.That leads myself and many other mothers into being anxious;experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Many first time moms are anxious about giving birth. It 's common being anxious during childbirth, it a norm for motherhood. Over the years the anxious has changed for childbirth. Childbirth was petrifying for a mother in the 50’s then now. Childbirth has had a great impact for a mother. It 's a symbolic of seeing the little person that 's been in your stomach kicking for 9 months. It 's a moment where you push till the last minute to hear him/her cry.Those screams of tears are the…show more content…
Childbirth hospital care had many needs of improvement. In the 50’s there was not many technology and medical field in childbirth. Notwithstanding, there were a lot of errors that needed to be improved and research on labor.Overtime they had more research “developed programs to prepare women for childbirth that included relaxation, patterned breathing, hypnosis, and water immersion”(Childbirth Change). Also,the medical field of childbirth developed an anesthesia that was improved in the 60’s for mothers during labor so the agony will be less. Now there are many resources to not feel any anguish“ epidural or spinal anesthesia, labor inductions, cesarean sections, even the placement of IV lines are a source of additional revenue for both the hospital and the practitioners involved”(Childbirth Change). Childbirth medical field has overcome many errors and have improved overtime. That now many mothers are not as anxious as of…show more content…
Even with this improvements there are, there are still “sadness about the infants who did not survive, even among families who had barely enough to ‘keep the wolf from the door’”( Judith Lumley). This sadness of losing a child during labour has had a great impact to my great grandmother. My great grandmother known as Maria lost her first infant in labour and also her hope on the medical field. Maria was a privileged women that was able to pay hospital care. During the time in 50s the anesthesia was hevly that had a great impact to the child and mother. Maria had her first child in the 50s and for the pain of childbirth they gave her the anesthesia that 's what my grandmother said. Consequently, my great grandmother was affected by “[the] anesthesia had negative effects on women and their babies, and left women unable to play a role in their own care and that of their babies”(Childbirth Change). This anesthesia affected Maria to unable to push that her infant that end up getting stuck and led to losing her infant my grandmother says. After that my grandmother said that Maria decided to just have her rest of her children
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