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Empathy Belly Project I underwent several discomforts and sensations while doing the empathy belly project. One of which was restricted breathing caused by the tightness of the belly which wasn’t enjoyable. Also the baby’s “feet” were sticking into my ribs, creating irritation when I walked or moved around a lot. I felt more fatigue with the belly on than I normally do since I exerted more energy trying to do everyday things thanks to the extra weight and figure. While buttoning my jacket and tying my shoes, I felt a little annoyed because it was more difficult to do than I thought it would be since I couldn’t look over my stomach. Sitting down and getting up was also weird to me because I never have to do a roll to be able to get from a lying …show more content…

For example teenagers can get an inside look on the difficulties of being pregnant, and they grow a newfound respect and consideration for pregnant women in their lives as well. The discomforts of this project might also persuade kids to wait to have sex until they are ready to handle the hardships and responsibilities of having an unplanned pregnancy. Having friends/peers to help you when the belly was on really shows students that when you think that you’re ready for children, you should have a good support network of friends and family to help you along the way. It is also beneficial because it makes people realize that exercise during pregnancy is important because you’ll get tired easily and even if you just want to lay down all day you need to try to move for the baby. I think that expecting parents should wear this because it’ll give them a feel of the later stages of pregnancies and help them transition and keep them calm. Medical schools should also makes students wear these so that when they are doctors that deal with pregnant women they can relate and better connect with their patients even if they haven’t had any kids of their own. I think it is also a good tool to show how many aspects of a pregnant woman’s life changes or adjusts to having a baby bump. The hands-on learning experience for children will also help them remember what a pregnant woman goes through better than a worksheet would. Finally, I

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