Thematic Essay On 'Guts'

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Ava Kopp March 15th, 2023 Hour 6 Writing Thematic Essay: Guts Raina Telgemeiers's story Guts revolves around a girl named Raina who has emetophobia ( fear of throwing up ), all the factors that affect that phobia and how it affects her daily life. One lesson the story suggests is that people are not as different from you as you think they are. She illustrated this lesson to readers through descriptive words, repetition, and comparisons. From the start of the book, descriptive words within the text show how Raina is convinced she is not like the others. Raina considers herself to be very different from her friends and classmates, affecting how she sees the world and reacts to things. …show more content…

On pages 3,6 and 20, the page turns green right before she feels sick. This type of repetition with the page-turning green helps the reader understand what's about to happen when the other uses it repeatedly. This connects to the theme because the average person typically doesn't have to feel like they are going to throw up constantly or have a fear of doing so. To add to that, on a few different pages they show Raina eating her lunch at school. Almost every time one of her friends asks for one of her chips and touches the bag, she gives them the rest of her food because they touched it with their ‘ germs ‘ causing her to no longer have lunch. It eventually snowballs into her not eating entirely. This connects to the theme because she sees all of her other friends sharing and eating food for lunch and dinner. It makes her reflect on her life and she realizes that pretty much everyone else eats but her. Building from that, on multiple pages Michelle makes comments to Raina about things she did that are considered abnormal or calls the different things that cause her to feel sick. This proves that Raina thinks she doesn't fit in because when Michelle says those things she notices that she only says it to her and not anyone else which causes her to feel that

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