Arguments Against Autism Myth

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The topic I read about was weather there is a relation between Autism and the vaccinations that those who have the disorder may have received. Autism is a brain disorder that normally shows by age three, people tend to have impaired communication and interpersonal skills along with so restricted or repetitive behavior. The two articles go over how a key ingredient in vaccines may cause this disorder, while the other aims to show how the relation is nothing more than a myth. The first article was on how autism is caused by vaccines, and is called “Deadly Immunity” by Robert E Kennedy Jr. One of the main points of this article was how one of the main ingredients called thimerosal and its main ingredient ethylmercury which was in most vaccines until the early 2000’s is the main cause for autism in child, because it’s a toxic chemical. There have been studies that have proven thimerosal accumulates in the brains of animals after they had been vaccinated, also even small amount of the ethylmercury can cause brain damage even years later. There have also been tests done with thimerosal in 1930 on people with a disease and…show more content…
The main point of the article was to debunk the five myths surrounding why vaccines cause autism. Those are the dangers of mercury, the amount of evidence to support the correlation between vaccines and autism, any other explanations, government over up, and it’s no different than any other controversy. Throughout most of the article there are not many studies or documents to help support the claims. There was one experiment in Denmark where the thimerosal was removed from all vaccines and autism rates continued to climb, and is was also true for Sweden as well. Also, there was a study done showing there was an inverse effect to problems with hyperactivity and motor

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