Arguments Against Insanity Plea

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If an insanity plea is successful, it can be implied that mental illnesses can be dangerous or harmful. Also, that the person with the mental illness is going to be treated and hopefully learn how to handle such an illness. Then perhaps that person can go free after a while. On the other hand, if an insanity plea is unsuccessful, then it can be implied that the person with the illness may not get treatment. Although, if the person is just using a mental illness as an excuse, then he or she is giving other people with a mental illness a bad name. In my opinion, I think it depends on the situation. The people that have a mental illness, which caused them to comit the crime, would be better off than if he or she went to prison. In other words, if that person had little to no contol of their actions, due to the mental illness, then they would be better off getting treated. On the other hand, the people that had control of their actions, and blame it on a mental illness should be convicted. …show more content…

The use of the insanity defense has provided the defendants with treatment for the their mental illnesses. Also, I think the insanity defense made a difference when it comes to their sentence. If I was the defense attorney in each case, I probably would have used the insanity defense for each client. They both seemed to have a mental illness. Although, just because they have a mental illness, doesn't mean that's the reason they did their crime. I believe the insanity defense could have been the best outcome for the defendant, because they would have been treated for their mental

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