Arguments Against The Articles Of Confederation

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It should be the thought of any person capable of reason that the Federalist argument regarding the system of government is one requiring the utmost consideration possible. Those that argue against the ratification of the United States Constitution are arguing in favor of a document in need of too many corrections to be practical when a replacement is ready to take its place. The Articles lasted this young country through the War for Independence but they are unstable and now is the time to replace them with a basis that will provide America with unity, strength, and balance: exactly what this Constitution will provide. Under the Articles of Confederation, this nation will become weak and be ripe for the picking by the empires across the sea. …show more content…

This faction believes the government should remain as is, with the states in a dominant position. They insist on keeping the federal government decentralized and are suspicious against power consolidation with anti-federalist Richard Henry Lee saying, “In the new Constitution, the President and Senate have all the executive, and two thirds of the legislative power. In some weighty instances, (as making all kinds of treaties, which are to be the laws of the land,) they have the whole legislative and executive powers. They, jointly, appoint all officers, civil and military; and they (the Senate) try all impeachments, either of their own members or of the officers appointed by themselves.” The anti-federalists insist that a bill of right is a necessary addition to the constitution and likely will not approve of the document until one is added. The existing state constitutions have Bills of Rights in place in order to protect the rights of the people and this faction believes one is required on a national scale as well. An additional quote from Lee reads, “All wise and prudent people, in forming constitutions, have drawn the line, and carefully described the powers parted with and the powers reserved.” The anti-federalist belief behind the Bill of Rights is to protect against future tyranny by clarifying what powers the government does and does not

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